The very first thing I noticed was,”Oh I’m not in uniform today.” 16years felt like time just slipped for 16seconds. My friends who made the program to visit the college were already there and there I was “Late” but very eager to meet my teachers. I got the welcoming smile by our own Navaraj Sir.  Moments later Purushottam Sir was there. They both were very much overwhelmed to see the students of the first batch, and I was the special one “First Student of the First Batch”. All the thanks goes to my father Late Gautam Ratna Bajracharya, who got my seat fixed for Grade XI on his way back to home from his “Sasurali”. Kathmandu Bernhardt was the newest Higher Secondary School in town and the Principal Mr. KB Maharjan happened to  be my father’s friend, obviously I got the admission.

Years passed, I had been passing through the college too but never stepped inside. Never felt like stopping by. The college moved from Tahachal to Balkhu.  I moved from Basantapur to Swoyambhu. There also I had been passing through the college in Balkhu. Time just flew.

Thanks to Facebook, Deepak(now Doc’saab) messaged me and few of our friends from Bernhardt and scheduled a meeting. We met and decided to pay a surprise visit to our Teachers.

And there we are today 11-sep-2016 at Kathmandu Bernhardt College, Balkhu meeting our beloved teachers Purushottam Sir, Navaraj Sir, Bhupesh Sir and Durga Ma’am. All of them were very happy, surprised and overwhelmed  to see us there after all these years.

Deepak Shrestha, Amit Bajracharya, Mukti Shankar Shrestha, Bhawana Ghimire, Chandan Sharma and me were able to make it there for today. For all others who couldn’t make it  “we missed you guys”. We talked about the college, our achievements, and also had few moment to cursed the politicians (why not). Our teachers were “Very Very Very Happy” to   see us,  interact with us. For those who missed I request “If your teacher had any impact on your life please visit them, it is never late”.

Why ? Because the college I studied 16 years ago has now become a Temple and I can clearly see the Gods in the teachers smile and their satisfaction in their students achievements. I am very happy today. Satisfied. My teachers are happy with me.

Rajeev Bajracharya

First Student, First Batch

Kathmandu Bernhardt Higher Secondary School & College

Few Pics from today visit :

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